Hello my name is Alycia, thank you for stopping by.  Our closet is fashion and fun merged for a wonderful shopping experience.  We offer a variety of products on several different platforms.  Everything from high-end purses to household products and everything in between.  Please explore our website and then click on the platform link of your choice to go to my various closets for a wide assortment of both fashionable and fun items.

Alycia’s Closet offers a variety of items that have been curated to offer our customers a shopping adventure that is both fashionable and fun.  For gently used and new items, including purses, shoes, women’s – men’s – children’s clothing, beautiful jewelry, and accessory collections:

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We also have a collection of boutique items.  These are brand new items that have not been on the retail market previously.  When in Alycia’s Closet you can filter your shopping experience by clicking on the Boutique options and you will see all the beautifully sourced items:

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